Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raj - a follower of the 'Raj'

It doesnt take the expertise of a political pundit or an analyst speaking in baritone on a news channel to understand what Raj Thackrey is trying to achieve. He is just doing what we have learnt in the history books of class VI the british Raj did - he is trying to divide and rule. Now what is new int the concept? We will all agree the whole political class tries to do the same. But indeed there is something different about this guy on the bloc than any other.
Raj Thackrey is an accomplished cartoonist. His caricature have found place in many dailies. He has grown under uncle Bal's immense confidence and had seen himself as the rightful heir over the soft spoken Uddhav. But hell broke loose when the king annointed his son to be the heir, overlooking years of organizational activities. Thus was born the MNS. No harm in that. But trying to emulate what the tiger did when he was young and roaring is mere foolishness on the part of Raj. Those were different times forty years back. Standing for the marathi 'manoos' isnt much of a career option today as it was years back.
It indeed is easy to beat up hapless auto drivers, gol-gappa vendors and examinees just because they will not retaliate back then and there. But such an act of vandalism has much deeper repurcussions in the society. I am not a sociologist to comment on the ned of balance in the society and its pivotal role in the growth of any society in the world. But what Raj Thackrey and hiss goons are trying to do is upset this very balance. And therefore only mere condemnation of the act is not sufficient, there has to be action.
Without a shred of doubt i believe the state and then the central government are to be blamed for this. Dear Mr. Deshmukh and Mr. Singh, do you ever realise the plight of a commoner in all these impasses. If you do, do you have any tools in your hands to take corrective and preventive measures. There are some larger questions i would like to pose. Is the state of India so fragile to be held at ransom by people like Raj Thackrays. Does wastage of crores of public money in violence by these people not count in the final tally of everything?
It is high time that governments start restoring faith in the aam janta of India. The today people are scared to walk on the streets. Who knows when a bomb will go off? Who knows when a bunch of goons directed by Raj will beat up anyone? Who knows. With the state shying away from its responsibility in harnessing anti socials, the worst scenario that we could face is where civil wars begin. The chain of events that has followed after Raj has unleashed his whip has all lead to a more destabilized society. The very people for whom Raj is supposedly fighting will suffer.
Raj suffers from political myopia. He is too braggish to learn that these tactics wont help win votes. And if it is the congress which is just not ready to douse the fire thinking that it could cook meat on it, it may so happen that the fire will engulf their own house.
People like Raj Thackreys should be dealt with an iron hand. They should be punished. It is democracy to raise ones voice, true, but jeopardising the very faith of democracy, the people in it is crime. With the failing action of governments in restoring that faith, people will resort to methods which will be undemocratic and barbaric if need be. Thus a no win situation for everyone. An appealt to people with powers - reign in Raj. Instill some confidence.

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