Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Movie Review - Z N M D

          When Farhaan Akhtar conceptualized Dil Chahta Hai hit the screens exactly a decade back, it served to add a new dimension to Indian movies and needless to say salvaged the career of two protagonists Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Khanna. His sister Zoya Akhtar presented another movie of the same genre with three protagonists, none requiring any salvation of their careers this time, and proved her mettle as a director, a rare breed of female director at that. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara from the Akhtar stable is a crisp, well written, nicely performed, importantly not overdone and very importantly well cinematographed (Carlos Catalan) movie.

         The movie is primarily about three friends on a Roadtrip to picturesque Spain which is part of a bachelor party and how they exorcise ghosts from the past in the journey. In the process of which comes their way daredevil adventures, lady love (read Katrina), Chudail alert (read Kalki), a lost father (read Naseruddin Shah), and numerous pranks. The dialogues are funny and ones that the youth easily relates to, the poetry of Javed saab is touching and its rendition by Farhaan Akhtar soulful. Shankar Ehsaan Loy have provided lovely numbers yet again but they do not serve as a high point of the movie though you might go back humming ‘Senorita’.

          The movie can qualify to be an advertisement for Spanish tourism, but then as Zoya Akhtar mentioned in an interview, she wanted to show Spain on 70 mm screen to people in India. So do not worry if less fortunate folks in villages gasp at the amount of tomato crushed in the Tomatino festival. The movie could have been slightly better edited, avoiding divergence before coming to the main story. However the performances make up for it. Chemistry between Hrithik and Katrina, Abhay Deols subdued and constrained act, and Farhaan Akhtars happy-go-lucky-wrenched-within roles stand out.

         Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara works as a buddy movie, with the friendship among the three protagonists being the hallmark; just as in Dil Chahta Hai (a comparison is but obvious). It also works because it has a take home message, which is a changed and better perspective towards life. Although one could say that when ones father owns a thousand Crore construction company and one is investment banker in London there is enough time and moolah to think about life. That apart the first Indian Roadtrip movie leaves you with a smile on your face. It lets you drop your worries for a while, it takes you above the mundane routine called life, it allows you to dream big, it makes you break the shackles that constantly bind us.

The theme can be summed up in these lines of the movie:
Ye jo gehre sannate hain; Waqt ne sabko hi baante hain,
Thoda gham hai sabka kissa; Thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa;
Aankh teri kyun nam hai; Har pal ek naya mausam hai;
Kyun aise pal tu khota hai? Aye dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai...

My English translation of it:
These deep expanse of silence; Time has given all of us, Little pain and sadness,
Of all our stories is a part, A little sunshine, Of all we deserve is a part,
Futile in your eyes is the tear; Every moment is a new weather out here,
Why such moments do you let go by; O heart, after all, why do you cry...


  1. It is indeed a great watch! I especially liked the fact that there is a great amount of realism in the story. Without divulging much of the story, the transformation of Hrithik's relationship with his friends is inspiring, partly because it relates to anyone who has become enslaved as a modern workaholic. It's easy to relate to someone who is always working, or knowing someone who is always working. Hrithik's character adds a different taste with friends who, before life's crazy twists and turns, were normal and just had a great time without worrying about consequences or looking bad.

    It's nice to watch how each character is able to realize that the issues he is struggling over can be changed with a near death experience. It gives hope to the people who constantly seek change, but refuse to act because of the fear "My life will come to an end", without having to go through a near death experience himself. As it leads to the title of the movie, "You may never get life back again" live life to as you see it, and mold it the way you want it because you will never get such a chance again.

    With the amazing poetry, it makes one contemplate the situation and drama on screen with his or her own life. It allows one to think about his own personal time alone with nature and it's culmination of self realization that he exists. It brings one to realize that there are far more greater things in life besides money and materialistic happiness. It adds to the fact that even though money and materialism is important, it doesn't truly make one happy. Without seizing the day, one might slowly miss many of life's wonderful lessons and experiences.

    Zoya Akthar has def. made a great movie. A movie I can def. say I enjoyed. It made me laugh, smile, sad, and importantly it made me think one more time about how I want to live my life, as this is my only time to live life to it's fullest.

  2. Your review was meant for those who actually have watched the flick already!

    The best thing about this movie is the SCREENPLAY. Coz it's kind of cinema that works on scene after scene without a flowing script in place. Zoya managed it better than "Luck by Chance" thanks to Reema Kagti (her co-writer). Specially when Reema is directing Aamir in her next, it was a test for her. For me Zoya is the real HERO of this project than anyone else.

    With the ever-decreasing quality of SEL's music (merely two & a half good songs!); the locales, lyrics & poetry has lit up the entire thing. The movie falls in the genre where it grows on you the more & more with time.

    No masala, no add-ons! This one's straight into the movie libraries.

  3. @Sidharth: appreciate the views expressed, they are very vivid..
    @Subhajit: u r a good movie critique buddy. :)


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