Sunday, August 14, 2011

As we celebrate Independence Day

Tomorrow we will unfurl the lovely tricolour
Pay homage to the courage and valour
Of the people who brought upon us this day.
To celebrate another Independence Day

How many of us will attend the flag hoisting?
Would we curtail a few hours of sleeping?
Go to offices, colleges, or the parade grounds.
To watch what; some marching rounds?

We see everything wrong with the country
The commoner today reduced to peasantry
A myriad of problems that keep haunting it
Leaders all around just busy snatching it

Corruption the red hot evil today
Economy not shining, no making hay
Homebred extremists ripping apart
Cricketers even not playing their part

Roads are bumpy, trains leave the track
In every system exists at least one deep crack
More most of it you can do nothing
‘It happens this way’, response for everything

The youth books its flight to greener pastures
The farmer, the poor for most some alien creatures
Status symbol today all the brands foreign
Non English speakers looked upon with disdain

Yes today there are problems galore
But they certainly are better than yore
And it is not that bad as made out to be
The fact remains that we actually are free

To be born in free India we are privileged
Not seen emergency when rights got infringed
The worth of which not easy to comprehend
Ask the Arabs who have nations to mend

Our views are not muzzled, we can voice opinions
Would not fathom such freedom the Chinese dominions
Least worries day to day for the safety of life
Unlike the Pakistanis a country forever torn in strife

The small city man realises his dreams
Future brighter for young one seems
Women do not have to stay in a veil
Rags to riches many story’s tell tale

Proud we must be for a rich heritage
We belong here, dollars just a mirage
All the while we have enjoyed its fruits
Could we deny that here lie our roots?

So many evils haunt this nation
But the train has not yet left the station
Yes there are dark gloomy clouds all around
But also little things to make us proud

I am no optimist to paint a rosy picture
But it is our duty to make things better
Motherland that we call it needs our love
Only will then fly in the sky the white dove

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