Sunday, June 17, 2012

On Father's Day - Poetry

In that old photo tucked in the album tattered,
My position you have made safe and secured,
Where I am a little naive all-dependent kid,
Behind your strong arms conveniently hid.

Hardships in childhood plenty you faced,
Path of success after hardships you traced,
But we received all possible comfort,
Unfathomable behind it your effort.

You were always there for us in evenings,
Overseeing studies or us watching cricket innings,
Seldom with friends or colleagues did you go out,
Your dedication for us unparalleled and devout.

A person so composed, epitome of calm,
Have never caused anyone a tad bit harm,
Helped the jobless, helped your peers,
You have established many such careers.

Ever so helpful, understanding and cooperative,
As a husband your stance so commemorative,
To your in-laws much more than a son you been,
Revered in society you possess unmatched sheen.

 You have made us, structured our lives,
With grit ensured for us smooth strides,
You inculcated in us values illuminating,
That guides us today in paths so daunting.

So broad a mind, so large a heart,
A person so very special thou art,
But to write for family is an event rare,
Inhibition aplenty to show emotions bare.

I don’t conform to man-made special days,
Relations can’t be shackled in any such ways,
A surge to write on this day something new,
On Fathers Day, Baba, a few words for you.


  1. Beautiful, simple and touching. We love him everyday, just that today is an 'official day'! Perhaps, fathers are the only species to whom we, sons, would accept defeat more than willingly. For we know, they they are THE best.

    Well, more than anything else, your comeback to blogging couldn't have been better.


    1. Thanks Mr. Mishra... fathers are the benchmark...
      Am not as prolific a blogger as you though... :)


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