Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sea - a sonnet

The blue expanse of water unending
Massive and serene milky white waves crashing
Long stretches of sand at golden sunset sparkling
Emotions that the sight of a Sea creates mystifying
The people gathered irrespective of all divisions
Lose them, surrender to the sea’s temptations
Age, caste, creed, colour all stripped of their positions
Sand, water, nature, human, all build new associations
Sand castles built by kids will form a part of their dreams
The couple walking at the beach, eyes in romance gleams
Sitting atop the rock near the sea, bunch of friends beams
Looking at the sea for answers, the sad souls tear streams
At the face of enormous, heavenly, unfathomable vastness
Calm prevails in heart at realization of man’s minuteness


  1. my dear bro (poet) Sambit , it gave me a feeling of wild goose.......................just lovely....................can i take a print out of your work and frame it in my ante room. regards, sidharth

    1. It shall be my proud privilege brother :)

  2. Great imagery ! Only that one doesn't get a quiet spot anymore. Atleast in India.

    1. Thank you! :) I agree, quiet beaches are a rarity and often dangerous in India!


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