Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poetry - A Vicious Trail


When you realized the world around you

When awareness dawned of all that exists

Right then you were made to think

That differences between each persists


Differences you could see for yourselves

Appreciate the variety warts-and-all

But then you were made to think again

Draw two boxes and divide them all


Everything should be always good or bad

Or swing between being better and best

And the thought got ingrained deep within

Never see a thing without the comparing test


When young it was marks in the school

It was about the better water bottle

The cars in which your friends arrived

The rat race induced to prove your mettle


The career neighbor chose for his son

Proved a thorn in your and parents flesh

The hunt for college pushed into a hallway

No scope of turning back starting afresh


The grass got more greener on other side

When your friend drew home a fatter salary

You felt jealous for you started together

Unmindful how has been his life’s vagary


By the time you got in the quicksand

Mired in thoughts that compared everything

Life would take a full circle with your kids

Whose thoughts on anything is nothing


But you wouldn’t stop there for a while

Think and reflect on your journey

For you will make the toddler think

That not comparing things is a felony


Take a while and pause and think

No two lives are same

Then why compare on each yardstick

Why take part in such a game


A vicious circle we get into thus

Although aware at its utter futility

Breeding comparison at each step in life

Mars life’s purpose and its utility


The more you do it, greater the discontent

It Undermines your true potential

Don’t look at others, peep deep within

Cant you see you are so very special!







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