Monday, February 10, 2014

GE 14 : the Soap Opera like no other!

Releasing Soon – The ‘GE14’: the Soap Opera like no other!

Drama – Suspense – Rhetoric – Plotting – Winners – Losers

Actioned with emotions running high - loyalties shifting by – uncertainties abound – speculation speaking loud – indeed a gripping plot. The one, that releases once (usually, expectedly and hopefully) every five years – It’s the Great Indian General Elections ‘14.

No Balaji Television or K9 Production can guarantee a drama as great, comical nonetheless solely dependent on how one wants to view it. The stage is set with just a couple of months to go for the D-Day in May, but if few political parties are to have their way, the scorching Indian heat may even pull the elections to a month or half earlier!

But whatever the speculated dates may be, the actors and their troupes are all set. And, the plot is like this - the Ruler will be challenged, by challengers plenty and of varied strengths and hidden weaknesses. And as one might be already watching in the trailers, the incumbency and prelude to the forthcoming act will be equally riveting with malicious manoeuvrings, hypocritical speeches, inflated promises, pretence and unfaithfulness, heinous plotting, stings and expositions, bribery, unprecedented auction of tickets, seats and human beings, leading to toppling indices, and ultimately the rise of the alternative, and yet most of the times with a lack of an alternative.

Those who shun the political commotion will form the section of people, who despise such soap operas, like the millions who despise the prevalent Saas-Bahu (MIL-DIL) serials. However, being completely insulated would be a rare phenomenon. When the multitude of 24x7 News channels, the newspapers, everything screams hoarse over the plot development in the GE 14, one would barely be able to keep away. Like it or not, the nuances of this soap opera will be discussed in the drawing rooms, and the board rooms with great fervour.

The stakes are high, and in a vast country like ours, that’s only natural. The expectations and aspirations of more than a billion people are difficult to fathom. With regional issues varying along just a few kilometres, the polity addressing them often falters. With new equations developing in the past few years, these sub-plots are sure to either to dent, or build the bigger picture.

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