Thursday, June 5, 2014

And in the recent past...

When I don’t write for a long time, I feel a lot of events get missed, and are relegated to the past. And then the debate whether it is prudent to harp or let’s say write on the past. But the debate is won over by that one argument that reflection is a much necessary activity to keep things in perspective. And that it is one ability that we collectively are fast losing.

Regime change: A regime changed in India. Right of the centre took over the left of the centre. And did it emphatically. The beginning has been different and promising. The jubilation is in the air. Only time will tell if the great expectations of the 1.25 billion will be met by Narendra Modi. The chosen messiah has a tough task at hand. It is never easy to tread the path of power and especially in a country where demands are many. But firm resolve, integrity and accountability can make the powers that be take great strides. Positivity all around, isn’t it?

IPL 7: A tournament that keeps large number of Indians glued to their screens for over one and half months, a tournament that has been mired in shameful controversies in the past and a tournament that celebrates a marriage of glamour and cricket came to an end recently. The bowlers were thrashed wild and it requires introspection if we aren’t going to call cricket as baseball in a few years. The team languishing at the bottom of the table rose to win the title sending a very important message that it is hope that keeps us all driving and it should not be lost at times of adversity. Haven’t you looked up when is the next tournament?

Deputation: I got deputed to Kasturba Medical College, Manipal from Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal Campus) for a period of four and half months. Teaching in a different pattern of curriculum and its delivery was interesting. Adaptation did not take longer as biochemistry did not change, thankfully. The important thing and also a simple thing is that if the teacher has adequate level of interest, he or she will do his or her best. And sometimes that is what is seriously lacking. Theories, calculations, models, trainings are all meaningless if one lacks that essential interest. Are you thinking of the adage ‘those who can’t, teach’?

Surgery: My parents were in town, on their annual visit, and my father underwent two minor yet bothersome surgeries. It is never easy to see ones parent go through the trauma of recovery but that’s the way it is. Care with love is what one can provide and sometimes those little acts can heal more than the drugs. On another note, the medical bill was astounding, thankfully covered by medicare. But it caused me thinking for a very long time that would a poor common man afford such expenses. The cost of medicines is skyrocketing, the procedures unthinkable. Health needs to be the responsibility of the state, and it’s high time they do something about it. Are you perfectly fit, how long you think you will be so? 
Twitter: My activity and time spent on twitter has been increasing exponentially. And such is the trend all around I gather. I felt withdrawn from facebook. Suddenly it seems trivial, with some people posting their vacation pics, food pics, some candy crush requests, like-or-be-doomed messages etc. It’s not writing the obituary of FB yet, they have been keeping up with changes and will further make many, but twitter is by far the more mature version of social media (SM). SM is set to grow leaps and bounds, and we just need to choose what, if any, works best for us. Any of you still on Orkut though?
Media machinations: Though this little bit would require a separate post, a more detailed one, the summary could be conveyed I thought. If you care little about Indian media, the recent changes would intrigue you. Reliance spent a whopping 4000 crore to buy TV18. Nothing wrong with that, albeit the way people (I mean top editors etc.,) are getting shunted, shifting camps, boards reconstituted, and the impact of all these on freedom of media needs questioning. The fourth pillar cannot be compromised. Well are you already thinking about Arnab’s screaming?
RTA: Biochemists would call it renal tubular acidosis, but then one that is killing 1,50,000 people per year, is another RTA, Road Traffic Accident. It came into spotlight yet again as a union cabinet minister Mr Gopinath Munde succumbed to injuries following a visibly minor accident. If we are to climb that path of development, a holistic one and not just what the industrial output number says, we need to keep that spotlight on road safety. We hear stories, we become part of those stories and much of that is avoidable. Strict action can ensure a lot of safety, but it is awareness that needs to be inculcated and inculcated it has to be at an impressionable age in kids. But don’t we see parents with kid on lap, driving a car, while talking on phone?

Badaun: Much has been written on the rape and murder in Badaun, UP. Words don’t carry any meaning any more. Mothers and fathers in the beginning, later the schools; and then police and law enforcement, if act towards it, the heinous incidences stemming from perverse minds can be checked. We cannot let it happen to women. We should not.

There are a few things I remember off hand that could have been embarked upon. But the word count makes me think it would become arduous for a reader, so I better stop. And maybe avoid such long time gaps for issues to accumulate.


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