Friday, October 3, 2014

Fading Memories

The memories which descended unhindered earlier

Triggered by the sight of a clear blue sky

Or the fragrance of the cadamba flower

Are now struggling to come easily by

Laborious becoming each new try.


The bright and sunny mornings of these months

Accompanied with the cool eastern breeze

That carries the remnants of the rain

Also a hint of winter as its steps gain.


The childhood memories of the Puja etched

Hard in mind, heart and reinforced over years

Of the times when frolic took precedence

When harm hadn’t been done to people known

That’s a legacy I shall with pride forever own.


Humongous time has flown in the vast swathes

Nearing a decade and half of everything added

Having been removed from the natural habitat

Added layers to life like an oil-on-canvas art.


But now the days on the skin feels warmer

The infidel breeze is inconsistent

The winter almost lost like an estranged friend

Autumn fragrance probably reached its end.


Not to be seen those eyes of goddess

The aroma of heavy incense not emanating

Nowhere bamboos tied to make ‘gates’

The colorful clothes on it not draped

Strings of lights all around no more laced.


The numerous balloons we bought

The chaat, the chowmein, the ice cream

The many pistols with rolls of bullets

Bought with generous funding of family

Now the money can buy few things

But clipped are all the childhood wings.


The mirth in a house full of people missing

No laze of the morning, late night gossips

The platters, the sweet now non existent

Sneaking away many times to the festivity

Now confined to unforced captivity.


The memory I feel is slowly fading away

The strength of aroma in mind diluted

The mirth drowned in puddle of worries

The visuals either blurred or absent

Though these haven’t reached cent percent.


All of it, the bundle of emotions now remain

As schema, the packets, in long term memory

Which shall get triggered now and then

When such a time of the year comes

But revisiting is impractical, impossible

For reliving past moments is not plausible.

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