Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On New Year day 2015 – a thought

On New Year day 2015 – a thought

‘Happy New Year’, ‘Happy New Year’,
The phones buzzed from midnight,
The excitement in voices palpable,
No lethargy at middle of the night.

The calendar will turn to a fresh page,
The dates will transform completely,
All that became old in twelve months,
Now will restart again freshly.

The wishing continues through the day,
Some customary some heartfelt,
For at least a day when many shook hands,
Those wouldn’t with each other have dealt.

The newness lasts for a while,
Safe to say for a few days,
Then its back to business,
To our own old ways.

Every day can be a new year,
When there is true awareness,
Every moment can be novel,
In every view a newness.

The conflicts of everyday life,
The sorrows that fill the days,
Can be ended in a moment,
Or at least kept in harness,

In a short span of stay on earth,
The amount of hate we amass,
Sadly most our own making,
Grappling all life to get riddance.

But there lies that peaceful world,
Devoid of all worries all pain,
And the path to it isn’t far,
It starts and ends in within.

May the turn of calendar bring forth,
A new chapter that was in waiting,
A new leaf, a new vigor, new love,
For a moment can be transforming

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