Tuesday, March 31, 2015



When I was born I did not have any choice
My name, what I wore and ate and how
Determined by family, people, others around
When I think back, I really had no choice

Then I gained gradually that thing important
Between my ears in that hard bony cage
Not the brain for the hardware was there
The program to run it the mind dawned

As it metamorphosed it began exercising
In tiny toddler steps to begin with
The one power it inherently had
That of choice, my choice

The colors of clothes, the flavor of Cerelac
Make of footwear, type of cartoon
And more domains now in my kingdom
To choose, active or passive, but to choose

The choice of friends for family was given
Choice of loved subjects for curriculum was given
The choice of teacher for school was given
Choice of serials for watching t.v. was given

The seriousness of choice grew exponentially
Gender, sexuality, opinions, ideology, hatefulness
And the likes of it shrouded thoughts and formed
Intermingled with freedom a heady cocktail

The hollow reprimand of mother earlier
For disdain for a particular vegetable
Now paled before the loggerheads at home over
Traveling, partying, girlfriends, drinking, career

When choices echoed in the portals of society
The echo heard back was sometimes howler
Sometimes applause of acceptance
Or stony silence of questioning them

Straitjacket of various kinds exist
With their keepers wishing I would conform
In thoughts, in action, in choices
Some I choose to fit in others I don’t

Everyone has a mind of their own and hence
Choices of their own which I shall
Respect however vehemently I disagree
For that is cornerstone of humanity

My choice should not be a thorn
In the path of any other being
Nor should it be a framework
For any other to just adopt and fit

In conflict with morality my choices might stand
In defiance of norms they might jut out
Hypocrisy and double standards it should shun
Stabbing, stepping over, it should refrain

The road ahead in the years of life
Will pose for sure situations demanding choice
Which will be of paramount pain or pleasure
Yet leaving no choice to embark on it

My choice is me, both with halo and pitchfork
I choose to show either at my choice of time
In battles of morality shall I choose what I wish
To bear consequences of it all

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  1. "Free will left unhindered", that's how I would like to define this poem of yours.


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