Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Its First Day this Year


The sound and music
Freshness of its feel
Intermittent, sporadic
Had been knocking at the door
Since a few days.

Time had been ticking away
Mired in uncertainty
With patience withering
Having betrayed twice earlier
Of a long stay.

But in the dark of last night
With such humdrum
A roaring arrival
Beckoned from high above
And left all awash.

There was no bright Sun
In its welcome
Only a growing green mat
On the ground that
It had made suddenly supple.

It its wake the dusty umbrella
Mushroomed to its glory
The ascending sound atop it
Old, familiar, yet new
Felt music to the ear.

A puddle here
A stream there
A rivulet somewhere else
Contours and colors changed
For the first time this year.

Inching towards half the year
With a great gap to fill
Filled in endless grey mounds
From the sky above
The Monsoon arrived today.

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