Friday, September 12, 2008

Model United Nations entry essay

This short essay was what i had written for entry to Model United Nations at Manipal, 2007. This got me an entry and i represented the country Uruguay.

Topic: Nuclear Disarmament.

Your first day in the college and a bully comes and asks you to do a few sit-ups. You oblige. What makes you follow his orders? The knuckles in his hands. Read ‘you’ as a small developing country. Read the ‘bully’ as a developed country in your neighborhood (though need not always be in the neighborhood). The knuckles: nuclear weapons. In the skewed geopolitical and socioeconomic setup of the world, the much necessary balance has been shifted by muscle flexing by powerful nations, i.e wielding of the nuclear stick. Lets face it, Nuclear disarmament is myth. Possessing nuclear weapons is just like putting up a house security system and every nation should have a right to it.
The estimated nuclear warheads, given by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, tallies the NPT signatories like U.S of A at close to 10,000, that of UK at 200, non signatories like India at 100 and North Korea at 10 and undeclared nuclear weapon states like Israel at 200. In order to strike a balance and reduce the illegal nuclear material and technology sale, nuclear technology trade should be brought under the regulation of the UN keeping in view the economic and political state of the nation and account kept of every nation’s nuclear arsenal detail.
Nuclear bomb is not just another firecracker and we all understand its implications in full details. At the same time every nation is entitled to safeguard its sovereignty and nuclear deterrence helps in that direction. Disarmament is not the solution.


  1. The lead...drives home d point..use of minimal words 2 bring out the desired impact....

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  3. Nuclear bomb is not just another firecracker"-summerises the article in 1 line....

    hope u post more such articles on world issues...


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