Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Nuclear deal, Politics and the Common man

         It was diplomacy at its best at Vienna. hours of astute and awe inspiring diplomacy to give India a room at the NSG hotel paid rich dividends and finally as TOI put it, India became N-abled. it goes as a personal victory for many people. the first and foremost being the prime minister. the DAE chairman, Mr. Kakodkar, Shaym Saran, MK Narayan, the NSA would have all breathed a sigh at the meet which saw not only strong friends going out of their way to support India like France and Russia, but also some backdoor sabotage effort by neighbor China.
However all is well that ends well. Now India can carry nuclear commerce. Projects are already in pipeline with France , the most advanced nuclear energy producer of the world and old ally Russia. The US whose real muscle flexing techniques and die hard diplomacy ensured the NSG waiver will do a major chunk of the multi billion
dollar trade. NSG waiver will solve to a larger extent Indias ever growing energy demand in a few years, will generate many direct and indirect employment opportunities and will open the forum to many other sectors like pharma, IT etc.
           A prelude to this momentous achievement saw some bitter times in indian politics that is unparalleled to anything so lowly in recent times. The opposition parties sadly consider their job to oppose anyhting and everything that is put forth by the government, which saw the BJP oppose the deal whereas it was their own government who laid the foundation stone for the deal. PM - in - waiting Advani is doing no good to his and his party's image by putting his now much experienced hands into lowly mud slinging game. The left are a class apart - thier ideaology, their principles are understood by none other than just themselves which is thecase with China too!
            Now that Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh have emerged as champions of the deal, their real intent of supporting the deal might come to the fore. The left has bitten dust and Karat Inc. might as well be reduced to a minority in the forthcoming elections. The BJP was and still in a fix with the deal as they understand the gravity of the situation but are unable to broaden their mind to support it. The Congress however is seeming to gain brownie points for the clinched deal and may lok forward to make it a poll plank.
               Interestingly the Congress might be making a miscaluculation with regard to the nuclear deal a.k.a India Shining by the BJP five years back.The nuclear deal may be good for the country,but is definitely not a vote winner. this brings me to the common man. what interest is it to the common man the nitty gritty of the deal? he may just be happy if there are fewer hours of power cuts in the scorching summer. however the idea of selling the nuclear deal to gain votes seems to be a daunting task. if it took so much of efforts to convince scientists, politicians (though nothing unexpected about that!), bureaucrats, it can be imagined what it would be for a middle class hard working IT professional or a farmer.
                On one hand where India seems nothing to loose from the deal and have now found a seat among the elite of the nuclear suppliers ensuring nuclear commerce which would be beneficial to the country, the domestic politics looks at all this with a very different spectacle, a spectacle of vote bank politics, with the general elections due next year. The common man has already seen wads of notes in the parliament where earning a single of those notes is a daunting task for the majority of the population. what the common man percieves of the deal, and finally gets out of the deal will be of much importance to the next turn in the road of Indian Politics.

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