Thursday, October 6, 2011

The iDIE App

If you are asking yourself a question if it is about Steve Jobs, the answer is both yes and a no. Yes because it is the death of a revolutionary technology leader that has triggered this piece of writing and no because it does not intend to talk about Jobs. Nevertheless, mourn has gripped large swathes of people who view the person who was responsible in a little or large way for the ‘font’ we use on the ‘computers’ and the songs we listen on little devices, whose technology and aesthetic appeal stand them out of the league. It is indeed a sad day.

The 2005 speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford has become his ‘Last Lecture’ of sorts. It is excerpts of this speech that is being played over and over again and is being used for quotes for motivation, for leadership, and largely for imparting a sense of way-of-life. But in his demise I would like to remember one of his comments where he says that it is the fact that he will die someday, sooner or later, that drives him to achieve things, which motivates him, which pushes him, that helps him prioritize, and that helps him do what he does.
It is in that belief probably which elevates someone from ordinary to great. Enormous wealth could have made Steve Jobs live longer even with a rare pancreatic cancer but money certainly could not render an attitude to a person. Jobs was no saint and it does not need a saint to get that attitude either. It is to be cultivated. Cultivated because it does not have a pre existence. It is inherent to fear death. We usually always grow up in such an environment  and continue living in it until we actually do meet death. The illusion of life and reality of death certainly is not a concept which is easy to understand. It is the quest of searching an answer to this question which takes many a lifetimes.

What Steve Jobs or for that matter many leaders, achievers, dreamers, are able to do is to transform that fear into motivation, into a driving force. There does come numerous strings attached which is not easy to snap to achieve such levels of competence of transformation. And large part of our lives revolve around those strings. And they are important to be held on to too. Those strings are part of our existence, our responsibilities and our belongings. But a fine balance of holding on to some strings and the ability to rise above them is the key to success.
The words above are not meant to pass for being motivational or philosophical. It is just a reflection. A reflection that has arisen due to words, thoughts, beliefs of a man who was instrumental in affecting a whole new generation. There has to be many things special about a man like that. Steve Jobs - mastering the art of the iDIE app.  

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  1. A short and an apt tribute to one of the finest visionaries the mankind has seen. He is, till date, the only guy who has always kept Mr. Gates on his toes.


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