Thursday, May 21, 2015

Disgraced Protagonist - a translation

Disgraced Protagonist 

(My translation of a popular Odia song by the legendary Akshay Mohanty)

From the eyes of a disgraced protagonist

 Falls when drops of tear

 World says that he cries again

After committing a sin sheer

All the wrong in the world

Is hidden in crevices of darkness

But look who in a bright day is scorned

Merely for speaking a few words

In the paths of my eternal love

Moss have since long gathered

But one who treads such a lane

Has seldom walked with steps measured

Akshay Mohanty (1934 – 2002) is perhaps the biggest name in Odia popular song history. He has a rich body of work which ranges from bhajans to film songs, albums to ballads. He was much ahead of his time with compositions like ‘Jajabara’ employing music techniques that Bollywood could adopt decades later. Very little can be found at:

Odia (script – English):

 Kalankita ei nayaka aakhiru
Luha bi padile jhari,
Dunia je kahe, Kanduchi puni se kichi nua paapa kari
Dunia re jete paapa
Andhara kole loochi
Hele ene dekha, Kiye dosa niye khali tike katha kahi
Bhala paaibara pathe chiradina
Siuli rahichi jami
Hele bhala jiye paye, Sie bhala kebe bata chaale mapa kari
Kalankita ei...

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