Saturday, August 8, 2015

Indian Railways - an Ode

The joy of travel is meant to be cherished
An experience, it should be fostered & nourished
But the thought of such fun instantly vanishes
If the journey is to be made by Indian Railways

The stations usually chaotic and crammed
Desolate at nights, no men uniformed & armed
One grapples to find a clean place to sit on 
Paan spit designs all the corners adorn

The sight of the tracks be best avoided
Nothing worthy though could be traded
Not a T3 or T2 presenting visual delight
Remember you’re taking train not a flight

If your seat is by the end of the bogeys
You’ll be in for untold miseries
For the toilet stench shall emanate right there
Not to vomit if eaten well, you should take care

The prices of food products often surprising
Sold by contractors with MRP surpassing
Sky rocketing inflation over past years in ‘meals’
Quality long back had tumbled down the hills
The beggars frequent & one might not mind
Chain snatchers at stations not so kind
Certainly one is ensured of sleepless nights
For the peril of theft and the bed bug bites

The vagaries aren’t limited to the SL class
Condition in AC bogies also crass
Cockroaches, rats’ now regular co-passengers
Duly filled though records of pest controllers

The bed linen creates doubting Thomases
If they ever, how and who really washes
The temperature freezes or causes sweating
Attendant asking ‘baksheesh’ at the end irritating

The fourth largest railways in the world
Record number of employees in its fold
A lifeline that millions of commoners depend on
Is in tatters and in a state of dilapidation

Political & bureaucratic lackadaisical attitude
Inflicting miseries on people in multitude
The gargantuan system called Indian railways
In dire need to amend its lopsided ways.


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