Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sleeping in a Seminar

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 It began with the function formal,
In a room bustling with energy.
Speakers’ enthusiasm akin to grand mal,
Trying best to strike a synergy.

In no time the lights went off,
Monotonous drone now pitch high.
Staying in the room began getting tough,
Yet another ‘seminar’, I heaved a sigh.

Head started swaying, eyelids drooping,
Air conditioning coming to aid.
To varied places minds journey now starting,
No offense to speaker all done and said.

Labyrinth of thought in quasi-sleep, created a picturesque view,
I woke up only when the slide read the sweet words, ‘thank you’.

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  1. Good, that upon waking up, no one asked the person in question as to what it was all about.:D


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