Sunday, January 1, 2017

Letter to Aindri on her 2nd birthday

My dear Chimpu,

It seems that this name is sticking on to you despite your mother having decided for a lovely 'Nysha' as your pet name.

But even if it gets replaced by something else, in this letter, it is going to stay so.
At 2, you have become taller, noticeably, and little thinner (rather less chubby than first).

Year 2016, has particularly been a weird year. I would be with a lot of people to believe that it was not really a great year.
Definitely not for us with you being hospitalized twice, once in June and other in October.

But the remarkable thing about both of these incidences, which was heartbreaking for us to say the least, was the grit that you exhibited.

For a tiny tot, going through rigors of hospital, it was from you that we derived strength.

Let's put aside these bad memories...
In your second year, we moved into our own house, precisely on 4th September, 2016.

You got a lot of space to run around which you did really well. We think you like the house. Well, like it or not you have to stay here.

We made our regular trips to Bangalore and Odisha and you seem to be making our airport visits very tiring. That is because you refuse to be at one place even for a minute.

Also you became choosy with food and making your mother's job pretty difficult. Plus, there is something that has been another hallmark of your second year.
That of you keeping us awake for large parts of the night. You wake up at unearthly hours and refuse to sleep for hours at stretch.

You have now begun to sing many nursery rhymes, thanks to all the YouTube videos we 'have' to show you just so that you eat. Also in the meantime Doraemon cartoon has replaced all others as your favorite. (So much so that your mother is baking a doraemon cake on your birthday).

You have a liking for Bollywood songs, be it Bolna, Gerua, Janam janam, ae dil hai mukkil or others and you are humming couple and more lines of them. That makes me think you can start learning singing sometime later. You have started identifying restaurants, be it associating fish at Ocean Pearl or MTR.

By now you have graduated from monosyllables to 6-7 word sentences. And most of which makes perfect sense. And in the process you have learnt how to butter your mother and me and get things done.

Sometimes I wonder if we have been good enough parents in this year. I think it is a genuine concern that most would be having. Trust you me chimpu, we have tried.

In your third year there will come a bigger challenge and perhaps a big reason for your Papa to be worried, of you going to crutch or some equivalent of that. It is true that we are a little overprotective of you but that will be let loose gradually.

At this point I hope the blog sustains few years until when you are able to read it and understand it. Also I hope I will be able to continue writing these on your birthdays.

With all the love in the world...


PS: The clear, innocent eyes with which you watch me and your smile and laughter are things which melts the heart.


Feel free to write in...