Friday, April 21, 2017

Dry Clouds

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The unusually warm day passed
Into a tolerable evening
The leaves were showing signs of life
By swaying
The West sky too sprung to life
With mounds of black cloud
Gliding through.
The temperature eased
More birds took to the sky
Children ventured out.
Tired eyes harboring hope
Of respite to the parched land
Of comfort to worn bodies
Of succor to life
Looked above for some signs.
Battered by heat
The only solace
Was to come from above.
Time passed
The breeze was now comforting
The pieces now joined together
For the showdown.
But more time passed...
The clouds were there
The breeze was there
The eyes looking up were there.
Not there now was hope
Not there was a drop of rain
The clouds maybe were dry.

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